Friday, January 31, 2014

Flash Back Friday!

Baby Poof, 1 wk old

This is when Fluffernutter (we still call her "Baby Poof") was a baby.  My apologies for the grainy cell phone pic.  For some reason I was sure she was a boy.  Not sure why but any time I referred to the baby bunny I said "he" or "him".  Even though my husband said that we wouldn't know until it was a few months old.  Maybe it was a hunch or wishful thinking.  Either way, I was wrong.

Baby Poof, 2-3 wks old

 In  little over a year our youngest fur baby has grown into a super spunky rabbit.  She hops on everything and will chew on anything! 

Baby Poof, now

And has no problem stealing a carrot right out of the mouth of one of our other bunnies.   She is swift as the wind and her spazziness (is that a word?) never ceases to make us laugh.


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