Friday, February 28, 2014

FBF-Haunted Mansion

Love the Haunted Mansion decorations for Halloween/Christmas.  It will be my first time seeing the ride not spruced up for the holidays.  The next 57 days can just fly right by.  It is totally okay with me.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

365 Questions: 1-7

Danielle over on Underland to Wonderland has been doing Weekly Wonderings inspired by this post for a bit.  It seems like a grown up version of the super longs quizzes we all used to do on Myspace (wait, am I the only one?) so naturally I'm in.  I will probably keep the same format of answering 7 questions each week so it doesn't get to long and boring.  Here goes!

1) When is the last time you tried something new?
The only area I have recently branched out and tried something new is when cooking.  I have been trying to make things I've never made before (like tofu) and experiment with replacements in recipes.  I'd love to tackle more things that are foreign to me in the kitchen, like bread.  It just seems to easy for screw up.

2) Who do you always compare yourself to?
Honestly?  Other people.  I know, I know.  I shouldn't but I always do.  It in no way means that I am not happy with my life, because I most certainly am.  But when some can up start a small business on their own, do their hair and make up perfect, or simply rock something that I would love to wear and could never pull off, while I have trouble getting up 20 minutes earlier int eh morning to exercise, I tend to think I'm not good enough at life or something. 

3) What's the most sensible thing you've heard someone say?
"Do you really need another purse?" -anyone around me when I'm looking at purses.

4) What gets you excited about life?
 A clean house, blind boxing the exact vinylmation figure I want, when my bunnies want to be petted.  All of these are rare occurrences and therefore make me happy when they occur.

5) What life lessons did you learn the hard way?
That sometimes relationships just naturally drift apart.  I used to think that apart from some altercation or tragedy I would be friends with my friends forever.  But then I grew up and realized that that is simply not the case.

6)What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?
Exercising and eating better!  I had so much free time back then, I could have been exercising all the time!

7) Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?
Not all situations call for a definitive break down of all information.  I like to think I am pretty perceptive and at least a little knowledgeable about most things. But I have no problem asking questions if I am truly in the dark or just an idiot on a certain subject.

I'll be back next week with 7 more answered questions!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Journal Day #2

This week's prompt via-Sometimes Sweet...

We all have songs that really mean something to us. Often just hearing it can take us right back to that place and we are able to re-experience the memory associated with the song. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way music has the ability to really draw things out of us and evoke deep emotion. Choose a song that has a particular meaning to you. Tell the story of the memory associated with the song, sharing as much detail as you can. Take us there; let us experience it with you. 

This is kind of hard thing for me to write.  There is so much music that I love down to my very soul.  Songs that evoke such emotion I had no idea I even had within me.  Starting with the first music I ever bought to the song that will forever bring me to tears every time I hear it.  Those are tales for another day.  Today I will actually share with you a collection of songs, an entire album, that was one of the first that has forever had an impact on me.

I got Smashing Pumpkin's Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as a birthday gift from my best friend Dana (and her parents) in 5th grade.  We both loved the Smashing Pumpkins and this was their latest release.  I was too young to have a job and my parents would never have paid the $25 price tag for this double album, no matter how much I wanted it.  Joy over took me when I unwrapped it and I was almost brought to tears as I held it n my hands.  That night we listened to my copy of Mellon Collie while eating snacks and poured over the album's liner notes, anxious to decode and memorize each song.  The inside cover still has a Flammin' Hot Cheetos thumb print, as I was too eager to even wipe my hand off before diving into Billy Corgan's poetry.

I soon lost in the musical diversity of this album.  The high are filled with cherub-esque harps and subtle coos, the lows with blaring guitar riffs and screams.  There was an intimacy I felt when listening to this album and I absorbed every song.  Galapogos is still a song very near and dear to my heart.  In a way it's a little strange to look and back and think that as an 12 year old I cried to this song.  Muzzle felt like it written specifically about me but in such a way that I could never express.  Lily (My One and Only) and By Starlight showed me how imperfect and unfair love can be but made me want it anyway.   Farewell & Goodnight lulled me to sleep every night for quite a few months..  A poster very similar to this still from their Tonight Tonight video hung on my wall for years.

When drummer Jimmy Chamberlain was kicked out of/left the band after a drug incident with a touring keyboardist we were devastated. I scoured the newspaper for any info (as there was no internet), when I finally found an article I clipped it out and carried it around with me for I'm not sure how long, constantly rereading it.  Dana and I held a sort of wake for the band, the fallen keyboardist and Jimmy's misfortune.  We listened to all their albums in the dark with only candles lit while we painted our nails black in mourning.

Feelings run deep in an adolescent girl and I clung to the misunderstanding and sadness held between the lines of these songs.  I identified with them on some level and still carry them inside of me to this day.  Even over a decade later I still regard this as one of my favorite albums.  Listening to these songs and feeling the memories they stir up is a constant remainder of what an effect music has had on me.


Monday, February 24, 2014

DO IT!!! (please and thank you!)

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Currently v.16

 Watching: I finally watched Blackfish the other day.  I put it off for quite a while because I knew it would really get to me.  And it did.  I was bawling within the first 15 minutes.  Actually watching the footage of Tilikum being taken from his family and hearing his pod cry for him is just heartbreaking.  As a child I always wanted to go to Sea world  and now I am so glad I never supported them in any way.

Reading: Actually just finished Little Bee by Chris Cleave.  I think I might finally start the Lisbeth Sysander trilogy.  I thrifted both The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire a few months ago.  I think its about time I gave them a go.

Planning:The menu for Luthermas.  It's this weekend already!  The food theme is dips.  I know food themes are weird, but hey, so am I.  We have already chosen a few things to make (buffalo chicken dip, southwest egg rolls with avocado ranch, homemade pretzels, and jalapeno popper dip), I think we just need one or 2 more things (perhaps healthy things...) to round out the eats.

Excited about: Biking with the mister in the Spring!  We don't live to far from Pike Lake and the scenic trail that surrounds it and once it gets a bit warmer out we want to start taking bike rides after work.  It'll be nice to spend some time out side as well as get some exercise!  The mister already got a new bike and I'm currently on the prowl for one that I like.

Wanting: To continue to eat better and exercise.  Last week was kind of rough.  A coold infiltrated my house cold and infected the mister and I.   And on top of that I got the back pain I usually get once a month (coughwithmyperiodcough) so I was not super eager to jump on the elliptical at all.  Hopefully this week will be back to normal.

Thinking:That I really need to buy Game of Thrones Season 3.  iIs been out for almost a week.  What's wrong with me?

Missing: taking baths!  Jess and I went to Lush the other day and I wanted nothing more that to buy every bath bomb and bubble bar they had.

Needing: I really want need the nice weather to stay!  For a few days it was 40 degrees (!!) out, which is a far cry from the subzero temps we've been suffering through.  However its supposed to cool off again and remind us that winter is still far from over.  :(

Making me happy: that WDW is only 63 days away, buying Luthermas gifts for friends (and them wrapping them!), that we are thisclose to finishing the den, this adorable and easy flower vase project,  this video that I can' stop watching (how freakin cute is Max??), knowing that I don't suck at science and technology (I got 11 out of 13, not too shabby),  that last week is over (did it seem super long to anyone else besides me?)


Friday, February 21, 2014

Liebster Award!!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Danielle over at Smitten with Sunday!  What is the Liebster Award you ask?  Well it is a way for bloggers to get to know each other as well and introduce them to the blogger community by way of an interview of sorts.  You answer questions by the blogger who nominated you and in turn nominate others and ask them your own questions.  Since you can't nominate the person who nominated you it gives you a good excuse (as if you need one!) to go on the prowl for fresh new blogs.

Just make sure you...

- Thank and link back to the blogger that nominated you
- Answer their 11 questions in your post
- Pick 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers on Bloglovin to nominate
- Think of 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer
- Tag your nominees and comment on one of their posts to let them know!

Now on with the questions!

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Go and see a movie.  Or do some baking with the mister.  Oh heck, just be lazy and listen to the rain.
Do you prefer coffee or tea? 
Surprisingly neither.  Although I do occasionally crave some Arizona Lemon Tea.
Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Definitely a dog person.  Or secret option C, a bunny person!

What is your favorite kind of cookie?
The mister makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.  (his secret: coconut extract, sssh!)
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would love to see the pyramids.  Oh and the Amazon.  And all the Disney parks.  And the Louvre.  Everywhere.  I want to go everywhere.
What was the last book you read?
I am currently reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave
Where is your favorite place to shop?
Goodwill!  It's a treasure hunt every time.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
In my younger years I was a night owl for sure.  But now I love the morning and get tired around 9pm.  Haha.

Who is your favorite music artist?
New Found Glory and City and Colour

Do you have a favorite celebrity?
Not really.  But if I really had to pick one probably Jennifer Lawrence.  She just seems so... normal.  And a lot of fun!

What is your favorite television show?
I have a bunch of faves! Bones, MythBusters, HIMYM, Game of Thrones, The Following, Friends, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Pushing Daisies, Freaks & Geeks, Drag Race, the list goes on and on!


And the nominees are....

Rosie Bakes
Anna Roemantic
Adventures in Aubreyland
Okie Dear
Definitely Ashlee
Once Upon A Project 365
Kait Wakefield 
Mocha and Moccasins

And here are your questions!
1 - What is one song that can always make your day better no matter what?
2 - If you had to eat one food for rest of your life what would it be?
3 - Name one thing that drives you absolutely up the wall.
4 - Favorite past time?
5 - What's something that every time you see it you are taken back to your childhood?
6 - What movie can you watch over and over?
7 - Favorite season and why?
8 - Favorite blog?
9 - What's the most ridiculous youtube video you have ever watched?
10 - If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?
11 - Why did you start blogging and what drives you to create new content?

Can't wait to read all the answers and see who you ladies nominate!



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Home In The Future


In an earlier post I shared what the mister and I have already tackled when it comes to renovating our home.  Now I'll let you guys in on what we want to accomplish in the next few years!!

Since I am not handy with the ole Photoshop, I unfortunately don't have a layout of our home to show you.  So it may be a little hard to follow but I will try not to lose you!

We have a 1650 square foot ranch, one level with bed rooms on each end and common living space in the middle.  On the one end of the house there are 2 bedroom (future kids' rooms) and a full bath.  On the other end there are 2 more bedrooms (one of which is now a den) and a half bath.  The middle of our house is divided lengthwise by our fireplace creating a large living room towards the front of our house and the kitchen and dining room towards the back.  Lost yet?  Haha.  We also have a basement that runs the length of our home that has a wall down the middle dividing the mechanicals of our home (furnace, laundry, water heater, central vac, and water softener) from a rec type area. 

Since I am more of a visual person I figured I would I scour Google images to find something at least similar or our house.  This was the closest I could find.

And it is not that far off.  To give you a better idea of our house just move both of the 9x10 bedrooms on the other side of the house (towards the garage) and the family room and dining room need to switch places.  Oh and the bathroom on the right is actually between the bedrooms. Got it? Good.  

We have already made a major change (opening up the front bedroom near the living room and garage, turning it into a den) and we plan to make more.  Enter the list!

-Make the garage a part of house!  It will be a great room/living room with a nice comfy couch, our tv and built in book shelves.  This means that we will need to build a detached garage, which is fine with the mister!  

-Push out the dining room to the current living room and make the area around the fireplace a nice seating area with 2 love seats and a couple chairs. We also want to re-do the fireplace with stone or tile and replace the mantle with a wood timber as well as move it up about a foot.  Plus we'd love to have it floor to ceiling.  Maybe something like this or this.

-Shift the kitchen towards the old dining room so that it is open to the new dining room.  We will also reconfigure the entire kitchen for better flow, add new cabinets (with some open shelving) and counter tops, add a dish washer (right now it is currently me!) as well as new appliances and an island.

-Expand the rear bedroom near the garage/great room to the unused part of kitchen making a master bed and bathroom.  This is still not fully figured out yet.  The mister still has to draw up the plans.  Hopefully we can make the most of the square footage we have and still get a space that we love and that works for us.

-Finish the basement and open up the stairway to the hall leading towards the garage.  This will go a long way when incorporating the garage as part of the regular living space and make the hallway seem less like a tunnel.

-Remodel the full bathroom.  Right now it is all mauve fixtures, formica, and brown fishy tile.  Blech.  Pretty much anything we do would be an improvement.  This will be the first big project we tackle this Spring!

I know what you are thinking,  Why did you even but this house when you are changing pretty much everything about it?  Well I'm glad you asked.  There is one thing we are not really changing...structure.  The bones of this house are great and with the exception of shifting a wall over for the kitchen shift and walling in the garage door we are not really changing our house structurally.   We love the location and the size and our gigantic yard, just not the layout.  So that is what we are changing.  We (well me husband mostly) are lucky in that we were able to see what this house could really be when we first saw it.  And I am excited to continue the journey to make this the best home for us.  You can be sure I will be keeping you guys updated on the progress and all the bumps along the way!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Journal Day w/Sometimes Sweet #1

 Danielle over on Sometimes Sweet is an avid writer.  And very talented at that!  She recently restarted Journal Day to encourage a very simple thing:  to write more.  I know I sometimes get into a bit of a writing funk where you just don't know what to write about.  Most topics seem over done or silly or just plan pointless.  So I'm super pumped to actually have her provide the topic.  Every week she will post it on her blog and followers are encouraged to write then comment with either a few lines from their writing or a link to their post.   I am going to attempt to compete this every week in hopes of actually getting back to just simply writing.

This week's topic is...

"Everyone has a time in their life they view as a crossroad. Sometimes you can see it as it's happening, and you're able to choose one way or another. Other times you may not realize you're there until you look back, and see what a turning point it really was. This week, write about a time you view as a marker in your life; a distinct place where things changed, for better or worse. " via-Sometimes Sweet

I was at a job that I loved for quite while.  Well it was 5 years but I suppose that is a long time when you're on your early 20s.  This job was everything to me.  I had met my best friends there.  It helped me gain confidence and be alright with who I was.  It taught me that being different is okay and should be expressed and celebrated.  I had plans to move up in the company and was taking the steps to make this happen.  Then it all fell apart.  The position I was moving towards no longer existed and I was being relocated.  The location I was going to already had someone of my position (lets call her Jennifer) who apparently thought we now had to fight to keep our job.  To the best of my knowledge this was not the case.  I was just there temporarily until a permanent spot somewhere else opened up.  Jennifer proceeded to make work very difficult and work soon became a place I hated going to.  She had made the place I loved most the place I wanted least to be.  

Everything came crashing down on me one Sunday morning.  She started a fight with me.  Not an actual "fists-flying-hair-pulling-arm-scratching" fight (do women even fight like that?) but it might as well have been.  It ended with us yelling at each other, me slamming a door and not speaking to her for the rest of the day.  It also led to a meeting a few days later with our District Manager about my behavior while not a word was said about hers.  I was fuming.  I know that I had a part in our argument but (I know this sounds really immature) she started it.  She started everything.  And after weeks of side mouthed comments, I had finally had enough and couldn't hold my tongue any longer.  After that I had a decision to make.  Do I stick it out and rely on my morals to get me through?  Or do I just throw in the towel? 

I would like to say I had the guts to stay and put up with everything she could dish out.  But instead I searched endlessly for another job.  I eventually took a lower paying job at another company just to be able to rid myself of her.  The excitement and relief I felt when I turned in my notice was something I had never expected to feel about leaving that job.  I always thought they would have to drag me out kicking and screaming, not running away jumping for joy.  I learned later that everything she did was intentional to get me to quit.  It warmed my heart just a little that she felt she had to use grade school tactics instead of relying on her ability to do the job.  On the other hand, it still irks me a little because it worked.

My new job turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Sure, I was being paid less but my schedule was more cemented which allowed me to make plans easier as well as give me the ability to go back to school.  I was also pretty much my own boss, which I loved since I thrive when working independently.  And best of all, it led me to my husband.  So many of the amazing things that happened in the last few years had been because of or with him.  And I honestly do not think I would have even met him if I had stayed at my previous job. 

For a really long time I hated Jennifer, resented her for taking something dear to me and covering it in mud.  But I think she really just showed me that I had slowly outgrown that place and gave me the huge kick in the pants I needed to move on.  Looking back, I almost think I should thank her for making me quit.  She unknowingly forced me down the road I was supposed to be on.  Even if it took me years to realize it.  


Monday, February 17, 2014


Kate wrote a post on Naturebox a few weeks ago and was instantly intrigued.  Wholesome snacks at a great price delivered right to my house??  Sign me up!  I am always looking for healthy snacks for the mister and I.  It seemed like a no brainer.  So I went on to their site, which is super easy to navigate, picked a box size and my snacks.  All that was left was to wait patiently for them to arrive.

When they showed up on my doorstep I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to see if they tasted as good and they sounded online.  And boy were they ever!  We love everything we picked.  Our favorite though are the Apple Fig Pies.  They are perfectly sweet without being too sweet and super moist.  Delish!  And the Everything Bagel Stix are a tasty twist on sesame sticks.

If your skeptical at all, just give them one box to change your mind!  Feel free to use my referral code for 50% off your first box!

Happy snacking!

(p.s. My opinion stated in this post is just that, my opinion.  I was in no way paid for this post.  I just really enjoy their product!)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recipe Review ---> Red Velvet Cupcakes w/White Chocolate Mousse

I love cupcakes.  I mean who doesn't?  Tasty cake, the perfect amount of frosting, and no need for utensils?  I'm in!  But I digress...  I make cupcakes quite often and am always on the look out for new recipes and flavor combos.  One day I stumbled across Lizzy's blog, "Your Cup of Cake".  Her photos are bright and her cupcakes always look delish.  And all her recipes are made with box cake mix.  Gasp!  

While I am a self proclaimed cake snob that prefers to make baked goods from scratch, I couldn't help but let my curiosity get the best of me.  I had to see if her recipes were any good.  And they were!!  I have made quite a few of her recipes and they have always come out wonderful.  Her peanut butter cupcakes, german chocolate cupcakes, and blueberry pancake cupcakes are especially good!

So as soon as she posted  recipe for a red velvet cupcake with a white chocolate mousse you could color me intrigued.  Red velvet from a box?   Paired with frosting that is not cream cheese??  And is made with pudding???  Needless to say I rushed to my local super market and picked up the necessary ingredients to give this recipe a try.  After mixing, scooping, baking, mixing some more, cooling, and finally, piping and decorating, they were ready to be tasted. 

 They were... weird.  Can you tell I'm being super specific?  They weren't in any way bad but  I just can't put my finger on it.  They just tasted off.  I have a tried-and-true red velvet recipe that I swear by and perhaps I was expecting them to taste like those and it just messed with my head.  I know its silly and that not every type of anything taste the same but tell that to my brain!   And the frosting was different.  It is made with just whole whipping cream and pudding mix.  You could definitely taste the white chocolate, which was nice but I think the consistency is what did it for me.  It was  a little thicker than a buttercream but still seemed pudding-y.  Wow, now I'm just making up words.  I am a bit fussy when it comes to consistency (see: cottage cheese, jello, yoplait whips) and this may just wall into that category.

I took them to work to share and everyone loved them.  So maybe I'm just crazy.  Haha.

Verdict:  Meh.  But if you took a poll of everyone that tried them (including everyone that commented on her post), I'd be the odd one out! Maybe my taste buds were just having an off day...  I would like to try my scratch red velvet recipe with a white chocolate butter cream.  The flavors do seem like they would work well together!

(p.s. Please do not in any way use my review of this one recipe as a deterrent from checking out Lizzy's blog.  She is super creative and has some awesome recipes!)


Monday, February 10, 2014

Everybody was tofu fighting...

I actually have a magnet that says that....

I only share my weird taste in fridge decor because I made tofu for the first time the other night.  And it was actually pretty good.  I've only every had it on pizza (from Classic Slice) so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Especially as a meat replacement in a meal.  After pan frying and tediously flipping each piece several times to make sure they were done I served it up with quinoa and steamed mixed veggies.  And I'm happy to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  The mister's great review was that "it didn't suck".  Haha.  He's so eloquent.

I used this recipe for BBQ Tofu.  And while I had to get around not having a tofu press (I used two Ziploc containers and four bottles of water, how's that for resourceful?) it was as easy the name suggests. 

I encourage everyone to give tofu a try.  You might find out it doesn't suck.  Or better yet, you may even like it!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Home So Far

When the mister and I first toured what would become our future home it was like stepping back in time.  Blue shag carpet covered the entire living room.  Wood paneling covered an entire wall as well as above the fire place.  Striped velvet wall paper, gaudy carpet and matching mauve toilets and sinks overwhelmed the bathrooms. And the kitchen was plastered floor to ceiling with baby pink tiles and flowered wall paper.  

Miraculously we saw past all of that and signed our names on the many dotted lines and became first time home owners.  Since that day we have poured time, money, and sweat into updating our home. We literally drove from signing the paperwork directly to our house with crowbars in hand to start ripping down tile!

The mister is a jack of all trades so we have been able to do most of the renovations ourselves.  Here is a list (and a few photos) of what we have done so far...

-Took down the wood paneling in living room around fire place and replaced it with drywall and molding

-Removed all wallpaper and carpet from full bath, painted all walls and ceiling, installed new light fixtures

-Removed all wallpaper and tile from half bath, refinished counter, painted walls and ceiling, installed new light fixture, removed carpet and replaced with wood flooring

-Repainted walls and ceiling in the living room, tore out 2 stone planter boxes (that actually still had dirt still in the bottom of them!), removed all carpet and replaced with wood flooring

-Painted dining room and installed new light fixture (also had to move electrical over about 1 ft)

-Removed all pink tile and wallpaper from kitchen.  Skim coated and painted all walls and ceiling

-Removed closet near front entry way to open up doorway to a bedroom that is now becoming the den

-Removed all lava rock, railroad ties and rotting wood from around the front yard, planted lots of new plants and flower bulbs, filled new beds and surrounded our birch tree with mulch and edged them large river rocks, also seeded all the grass and spread milorganite twice a season, trimmed a few of the larger trees

Wow.  When you write it all out it sounds like a lot.  And I guess it is.  Since it was done over the course of a little over a year it doesn't seem like we were taking on a ton at a time.  That's the way to get stuff done!  Focus on today and eventually you will get a whole crap ton done!  Haha.

Since we still have so much more to work on I will do a whole other post about upcoming projects (some are fast approaching!).  Can't wait to share what we have planned!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wish List Wednesday #1

 Loving this cart.  The color, the design, everything.  It would be great for the new den!

(via Ikea)


I never knew I needed a Harry Potter Mean Girls mash up tee until I saw this one.

(via Skreened)


These origami creature necklaces are so darling.  Pretty sure the squirrel is my fave.

(via Etsy)


This book might just make me want to print my 365 Challenge photos from last year... Or even start a new one this year.

(via Urban Outfitters)

The science lover in me wants these so bad!

(via Apartment Therapy)

Love this Feist concert poster.

(via Etsy)


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently v.15

I know what you're thinking..."but you just started this blog, how can you already be on #15?"  Well inquisitive reader, I usually do "Currently" over on Facebook.  And while I want to continue doing them on this space, I 'd rather not start over from #1 since it technically isn't #1.  Sound silly?  I know...

Reading:  March by Geraldine Brooks.  While I usually don't do "period piece" books this one sounded good.  It is loosely connected to Little Women by way that this story is told through the eyes of the father of the girls who went away to war.  So far it has my attention.  But I've noticed that as I read the book all I hear is the voice of Ichabod Crane from the Sleepy Hollow tv show.  No complaints here.

Looking forward to: Luthermas.  What the heck is that you ask?  Well it is what my friends and I call our Christmas celebration.  We all know that the holidays are a very busy time for everyone so we decided to celebrate after the holidays.  In January to be exact. And on Martin Luther King weekend. MLK + Christmas = Luthermas.  Now over the years we have moved it a little later (usually Feb/March) but the name has stuck.  It is easily one of my favorite "holidays".

Planning: Vacation!  The mister and I are heading to Florida in a few months.  We'll be hitting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Walt Disney World.  Super excited!!!  We got our planning packet in the mail last week from Disney and I immediately went online to customize our Magic Bands.  It's my first time going and I couldn't be more pumped.  Only 80 something days to go...

Listening to: My vinyl.  I have quite a collection of records but since I am usually listening to Pandora or podcasts on my phone they sometimes get forgotten about.  However recently I have been remembering that I own them and taking the time to pick one out, wipe it down, setting in in the player, placing the needle in the grooves and rocking out.

Collecting: Healthy recipes!  In the attempt to eat better (and drop a few pounds) I have been hoarding new recipes to try on Pinterest (you can check out my page here!).  While I have to admit it's easier to eat better in the summer when I crave a nice cool salad, but I am enjoying trying to be creative with warm winter meals. Heck, this week I'm giving tofu a try!  I've never made it before but I'll definitely let you know how it goes, good or bad!

 Making me happy: the way I feel when I eat better, adding more Vinylmations to my ever growing collection, this Harry Potter wedding, these peanut butter oatmeal butterscotch balls I made, an that the fact that the polar vortex is finally letting up