Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Home So Far

When the mister and I first toured what would become our future home it was like stepping back in time.  Blue shag carpet covered the entire living room.  Wood paneling covered an entire wall as well as above the fire place.  Striped velvet wall paper, gaudy carpet and matching mauve toilets and sinks overwhelmed the bathrooms. And the kitchen was plastered floor to ceiling with baby pink tiles and flowered wall paper.  

Miraculously we saw past all of that and signed our names on the many dotted lines and became first time home owners.  Since that day we have poured time, money, and sweat into updating our home. We literally drove from signing the paperwork directly to our house with crowbars in hand to start ripping down tile!

The mister is a jack of all trades so we have been able to do most of the renovations ourselves.  Here is a list (and a few photos) of what we have done so far...

-Took down the wood paneling in living room around fire place and replaced it with drywall and molding

-Removed all wallpaper and carpet from full bath, painted all walls and ceiling, installed new light fixtures

-Removed all wallpaper and tile from half bath, refinished counter, painted walls and ceiling, installed new light fixture, removed carpet and replaced with wood flooring

-Repainted walls and ceiling in the living room, tore out 2 stone planter boxes (that actually still had dirt still in the bottom of them!), removed all carpet and replaced with wood flooring

-Painted dining room and installed new light fixture (also had to move electrical over about 1 ft)

-Removed all pink tile and wallpaper from kitchen.  Skim coated and painted all walls and ceiling

-Removed closet near front entry way to open up doorway to a bedroom that is now becoming the den

-Removed all lava rock, railroad ties and rotting wood from around the front yard, planted lots of new plants and flower bulbs, filled new beds and surrounded our birch tree with mulch and edged them large river rocks, also seeded all the grass and spread milorganite twice a season, trimmed a few of the larger trees

Wow.  When you write it all out it sounds like a lot.  And I guess it is.  Since it was done over the course of a little over a year it doesn't seem like we were taking on a ton at a time.  That's the way to get stuff done!  Focus on today and eventually you will get a whole crap ton done!  Haha.

Since we still have so much more to work on I will do a whole other post about upcoming projects (some are fast approaching!).  Can't wait to share what we have planned!


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