Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently v.15

I know what you're thinking..."but you just started this blog, how can you already be on #15?"  Well inquisitive reader, I usually do "Currently" over on Facebook.  And while I want to continue doing them on this space, I 'd rather not start over from #1 since it technically isn't #1.  Sound silly?  I know...

Reading:  March by Geraldine Brooks.  While I usually don't do "period piece" books this one sounded good.  It is loosely connected to Little Women by way that this story is told through the eyes of the father of the girls who went away to war.  So far it has my attention.  But I've noticed that as I read the book all I hear is the voice of Ichabod Crane from the Sleepy Hollow tv show.  No complaints here.

Looking forward to: Luthermas.  What the heck is that you ask?  Well it is what my friends and I call our Christmas celebration.  We all know that the holidays are a very busy time for everyone so we decided to celebrate after the holidays.  In January to be exact. And on Martin Luther King weekend. MLK + Christmas = Luthermas.  Now over the years we have moved it a little later (usually Feb/March) but the name has stuck.  It is easily one of my favorite "holidays".

Planning: Vacation!  The mister and I are heading to Florida in a few months.  We'll be hitting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Walt Disney World.  Super excited!!!  We got our planning packet in the mail last week from Disney and I immediately went online to customize our Magic Bands.  It's my first time going and I couldn't be more pumped.  Only 80 something days to go...

Listening to: My vinyl.  I have quite a collection of records but since I am usually listening to Pandora or podcasts on my phone they sometimes get forgotten about.  However recently I have been remembering that I own them and taking the time to pick one out, wipe it down, setting in in the player, placing the needle in the grooves and rocking out.

Collecting: Healthy recipes!  In the attempt to eat better (and drop a few pounds) I have been hoarding new recipes to try on Pinterest (you can check out my page here!).  While I have to admit it's easier to eat better in the summer when I crave a nice cool salad, but I am enjoying trying to be creative with warm winter meals. Heck, this week I'm giving tofu a try!  I've never made it before but I'll definitely let you know how it goes, good or bad!

 Making me happy: the way I feel when I eat better, adding more Vinylmations to my ever growing collection, this Harry Potter wedding, these peanut butter oatmeal butterscotch balls I made, an that the fact that the polar vortex is finally letting up


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