Wednesday, April 2, 2014

31 Before 31: Mid-Year Review

When I turned 30 last fall I made a list of things I would like to do before I turn 31. Since it has been about 6 months since my birthday, I figured I would take a look at the list and see how I am doing! The notes in bold is my progress (or lack there of) so far...

1. Experiment more with cooking and baking.  I really want to step outside my comfort zone in the kitchen.  And I especially want to tackle my fear of dough! (Breads, pies, etc) I have done this a little.  I have made some homemade pretzels that were delicious. I would like to try a few bread loaf recipes.

2. Quit smoking.  Seriously though.... Done and done! its been about 3 months so far!

3. Actually have a cohesive decor plan in the house, not just a bunch of random stuff everywhere.  Naturally I want to include our collectibles and such.  I just want to look less hodge-podgy. Still working on this. Once rooms are more finished I can work out a better design plan. Since some rooms are still just used for storage it has been kinda hard.

4. Control my money better.  Have a budget and stick to it. Always working on this.

5. Purge my clothes/shoes/purses.  I did this for the rummage but I still have far too many pieces.  Trim it down to essentials and a few key items. (Same goes with undergarments and socks!) Still need to do this! But with rummage season starting soon it will up on my to do list!

6. Get preggers!!  So excited (and secretly terrified) that this milestone is on the horizon.

7. Get a cleaning routine down for the house.  I would like a list of a few simple things to do each day so it doesn't seem that daunting (or pile up).  I've seen lists on Pinterest.  Just have to find a suitable one and put it into action.  

8. Spend more time together (with anyone!) not spending money.  There are plenty of things to do that don't involve shelling out cash. Looking forward to this being more feasible once its a bit nicer out.

9. Do more things outdoors.  Even if its as simple as reading outside or walking the trail on 60. Grilled last night! Can't wait to be able to spent extended periods of time. And I am finally buying a bike today so the mister and I can take rides around the lake.

10. Keep a handle on my hair.  Regular trims, no bad roots, actually taking the time to make it look decent. Got a hair cut (and bangs!).  Think i need to go in for a bang trim soon...and I need to dye it again.

11. Wear dresses/skirts more.  I have a handful of them now, I just need to remember to wear them. Another one that will be easier to do once the temp rises.

12. Learn a new hobby.  Or just a new skill in general. Really want to pick up cross stitching!

13. Watch less television!!

14. Exercise at least 4 times a week.  Even if its 20 minutes of yoga.  Something! I did well with this for a while but then it feel to the wayside. I will be jumping back on the wagon though!

15. Read 20 books (at least 5 classics). Already up to 9 this year!  Gotta get those classics in though...

16. Sew a piece of clothing for myself.

17. Get the offi-craft room under control.  Organization is key! The mister built some storage racks in the basement so this will hopefully get some of the stuff out of the offi-craft room. I jsut have to go through everything and move it down there...

18. Make our bedroom more inviting.  Right now it is just our bed and some furniture.  Nothing on the walls, no personal touches.  This needs to change.

19. Take more pictures.  Of the mister and I.  Of friends.  Of family.  Of everything.  And maybe with the nice camera.  Not just on my phone. Failing epically at this. The batteries in our camera are dead and I keep forgetting to get new ones.  :(

20. Do more nice things just because.

21. Keep writing in my OhLife online diary.  I really enjoy hitting the 'random' button and reading past entries of little things that I have already forgotten. And it has only been a few months.  It'll be nice in the future to look back on years of memories. I usually do this at least twice a week.

22. Actually put photo albums together.

23. Follow through on craft projects.  I have a few that have been started and are just sitting on the back burner.

24. Continue Project 365 in the new year.  I have fallen a bit behind but I will catch up!  And I would like to do it again next year. Plus I need to keep a more mindful eye of things to photograph for this project.  I always say it is hard during the week bc its so monotonous.  But that is no excuse. I did not start a 365 Project this year. I am trying to take at least 3 pic a week and post them on Instagram though.

25. Tackle something that I have been putting off.  Something I've been scared of doing, to intimidated to do, forgetting to do. Anything.

26. Paint one of the blank canvases I own.

27. Cook with my brother(s). They still need to come over!

28. Take better overall care of my self heath-wise.  Regular physicals, dental exams, etc.  I am an adult, darn it.  I need to start taking care of myself.

29. Purge all my make-up, hair products, etc and just g keep the essentials.  I have way too much stuff and there is really no need for it.  Less is more! Pretty sure this will get done when I tear through the house for Spring cleaning.

30. Really try my hardest to not let the goals I want to achieve get lost in the day-to-day routine.  I think this will be the most difficult thing on this list to do.  I have something I want to do really badly and do well for a little while and then it just gets lost.  I need to keep motivation every day and remind myself what the end game is and that there is no reason I can't accomplish anything if I just focus! This is one I would love to remember every single day!

31. And lastly, just have a great first year of my thirties!

One of the hardest parts is forgetting about my list!  I need to make a better conscious effort to check and keep my goals in mind. Here's to another 6 months of


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