Monday, April 14, 2014

Recipe Review ---> Coconut Oil Biscuits

Bread has always evaded me in the kitchen. The recipes always intimidate me with their talk of yeast rising and warnings of over kneading. I never try to make it because I feel like I am sure to fail. Attacking my irrational fear of making homemade bread has been on my yearly to-do list for a couple years now and I think this recipe gets me one step closer to being able to cross it off! 

I stumbled across a recipe on Gimme Some Oven for 3-Ingredient Coconut Oil Biscuits. I have never used coconut oil ever so I figured this recipe would kill 2 birds with one stone: expand my kitchen knowledge by trying new things and attempting to make homemade bread. 

The recipe is fairly simple. Blend the coconut oil with the flour. And then add the milk. Easy peasy. When I opened the coconut oil I noticed it was solid like lard or shortening but more stiff. Naturally I decided to nuke some to a softer consistency to be able to measure the correct amount and make it easier to mix with the flour. I may have softened it a little too much but whatev. It worked fine.

I spread the dough onto my floured counter and flattened it into an even layer. I used a glass tumbler with a bit of oil on the rim to cut out biscuits and realized I should have used more flour as they we sticking a little. No worries.

I baked them a little longer that the recipe called for because mine were not getting toasty golden brown on top the way the recipe said they should. After 2 extra minutes I did the cupcake test (where I lightly push down the center to see if it springs back up meaning its done or stays depressed meaning it needs more time) and they seemed just fine. I even turned one over and the bottom was nice and brown. If I left them in any longer I would have run the risk of burning the bottoms. And then I would have thrown them away in a fit of failure.

Once they cooled for a few minutes I ripped a piece of one to make sure the insides were done and do a taste test. The biscuit's innards were fluffy and soft. Upon tasting them they were pretty good, a little denser than I was expecting (which is probably from me over handling the dough). The mister liked them too which is always a plus!

Verdict: I will totally make these again. Next time I will try to "fold" the dough when I knead it at the mister's suggestion. It should help get more flaky layers and may even help with the fluffiness.

Happy baking!


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