Friday, May 30, 2014

Currently v.16

Holy moly its been forever since I did one of these. And a longer version (here & here) is floating around the blogosphere so I figured I'd give it a go.

Making: Plans!
 Haven't seen the bestie in almost a month! We are getting together tomorrow but have no idea what to do. Well besides get ice cream.
Cooking: Lots of new salads and eggs by the dozen for a quick easy (and healthy) snack).

 I've been mixing it up recently. Usually I am a water only kinda gal but I've been loving half lemonade/half tea. So refreshing.
 Chugging along The Chronicles of Narnia. In the middle of Prince Caspian right now. I thrifted some new to me books the other day so now I really want to put it down again. 
 More hours in the day.
Looking: At making a list of tasks I want to accomplish over the next few months. So many things have fallen but the wayside 
over the winter and now the yard is almost at a state of just maintenance so soon I can focus on other projects.
Playing: the new Cards Against Humanity expansion packs! Oh its so good.

 My mornings recently. I have been awful at getting up on time, yet alone early, to do the walks/elliptical sessions I want to do. Gotta get on this.
 nothing. Ugh. But I hope to get curtains and a maxi-skirt or 2 in the bag before the end of summer.
 I didn't have to work so much. Haha. With the weather being so nice I just want to work on projects or lay out & read.
Enjoying: How our yard is coming along! 
Waiting: To see how long it'll be before we finish the den. In the summer outdoor projects take priority so it probably won't be until fall. But I keep seeing all this cute artwork and decor and its making me crazy!

 That rummage season is upon us. Not only can you score some great deals but if you host your own, you can make some money and get rid of some stuff that was just taking up room. Room for all the stuff you got deals on. ;)
 If I'll ever get a handle on daily house chores.
Loving: This new mascara. The selling gimmick is super cheesy but I LOVE big lashes and for only $6 I figured what the heck.
Hoping: To take more and more photos. I miss the Photo A Day Instagram challenge I did last year. Maybe I will randomly start it up again...

 At how well Baby Poof did on her first back yard outing. She is still a bit skittery so we were worried that she might not like us following her around with a leash (not to mention her having to wear a harness) but she was so good! And seemed to enjoy the wind in her furs and eating dandelions. And looked adorable doing it.
Needing: To have a bonfire soon. I love going to bed smelling like a camp fire.

Smelling: Lilacs! They're everywhere and I couldn't be happier.

Wearing: Dresses, skirts, and capris! And tank tops with no cover ups! Gasp! Being bigger I am always self conscious about what I wear but lately I have been saying "screw it!" and wearing whatever I want (including red lip stick!). If you don't like my fat arms, don't look my way. Ha!

Following: Mister Bun around the house trying to brush him. He is molting like mad and even though he will sit forever to get pets, the second I try to brush him he hops away. 

 That my four huge bruises from the tumble I took in the yard are finally almost gone. They were super dark and bad looking for a while. Now they are yellowish in the middle and kind of look like nebulas.
Feeling: Like I kinda want to chop my hair off. But I dunno if I can let go of my sock bun...

Opening: All the windows in the house!!


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