Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Journal Day #6

Here's this week's prompt- 

Everyone has different things that keep them going. Sometimes it's the people around us, other times it might be what's waiting for us on the other side of hard work. Whatever it may be, there's usually some sort of motivation to get up every day, get things done, or maybe even go the extra mile. With that said, what would you say is your biggest motivation in life? Has it always been this way?-via Sometimes Sweet

I can certainly tell you there are different motivators for things like getting up and going to work (I don't want to get fired), doing laundry (I need clothes to wear), and doing house/yard projects (to have a home I am proud of). But as for a driving force behind my entire life I just don't really have an answer.

I have always kind of lived my life on a very day to day basis, not really planning for my future. In my naivety, I always just figured the future is always just looming out of reach so it will never really get here so I don't really need to worry about it. Silly I know. Since I am usually a big-picture kind of person, it surprises that I have lived most of my life this way.

Now I am older I know there are things I want out of life. And since I am willing to work for them I never really thought about and underlying motivator. I strive for and yearn for things simply because I want them, as selfish as that sounds. And while that may seem shallow to some, I can't imagine living any other life than one that strives towards filling my life with things that I want and make me happy.

I don't mean just material things, although sometimes those things do make me happy. I mean filled with people, moments, experiences. I want to surround myself with only people that truly care about me. I want to share my life's big and small moments with those people and want them to want to share theirs with me.  Then I want to sit around a fire, make s'mores and talk about our lives for hours. Just the thought of these moments keep me working towards keeping these people in my life. And that's good enough motivation for me.


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